Majora’s Mask – Wrap-Up Post

Vincent Bisschop Majora's Moon

I got all the heart containers, got all the items and upgrades, got all the masks, beat the game, and cried.

I’m not sure what to say about this game. It hurt my heart.

The last time I played Majora’s Mask, Operation Moonfall was in full swing. Thank goodness the message that people love this game and think it’s important finally got through to Nintendo (although it’s been argued that fan feedback didn’t have much of an effect on the decision). The 3DS release is gorgeous.

It seems they’ve posted a series of short essays about the game on Zelda Dungeon. I’m looking forward to reading them over the next few days.

Next up is Skyward Sword!

( Header image by Vincent Bisschop on deviantART )

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