Skyward Sword – Battle Against Demise

Link vs Demise

Ghirahim takes Zelda back to the past by means of the gate in the Sealed Temple, where he intends to perform some sort of ritual that will channel the divinity of her soul into Demise, giving him the strength to rise once again as the Demon King.

In order to buy himself time, Ghirahim magically fences off the edge of the pit containing the Imprisoned and sends out hordes of Bokoblins (with a few Moblins and Stalfos mixed in for good measure) to slow Link down. What follows is absolute carnage as Link mows down everything in his path. There is no art to these battles, just frantic Wiimote waving.

Link makes it to the bottom before the ritual concludes, so Ghirahim fights him himself on a series of glowing platforms suspended over the pit after revealing that, like Fi, he is the spirit of a sword. This battle is really cool in terms of its mechanics and its visual design, but it’s over quickly. Ghirahim is still primarily focused on the ritual with Zelda, after all. At the end, Ghirahim is horribly wounded, but Demise is resurrected.

And oh man is he ever. Wow.

Can I just talk about how Demise is no shirt no shoes all service? This dude is gorgeous and he knows it. During his monologues, he tosses his flaming hair like it was a shampoo commercial. The cute starter pokémon that is the Imprisoned leveled up and evolved into a total beefcake. If someone were to tell me that Nintendo is secretly controlled by gay men and straight women, I would totally believe it.

Demise doesn’t fight Link immediately but gives him some time to think about whether or not he’s man enough to handle Demise’s no pants policy. He says:

You can spend what little time your world has left cowering and crying, as befits your kind. But if you truly desire to raise your blade against the world I would build, come for me. I’ve waited eons to return. I can spare a few more moments to let you decide.

That’s… awfully considerate of him. Also, Demise’s mention of “the world I would build” is interesting in its implication that his goal is not destruction, but creation (or possibly reconstruction).

I managed to dominate Ghirahim without sustaining too much damage, so I still have a fanny pack an adventuring pouch full of potion. I also have a powerful lust for bara realness, so I go ahead and hop right into Demise’s quivering black portal (sorry not sorry).

Oddly enough, Demise has transported himself to the sky, where he is silently contemplating the clouds. Why is the first thing he wants to see after his awakening the realm of his enemy? I have a whole boatload of personal feelings about Hylia and Demise (THEY ARE IN LOVE AND LINK’S ANCESTOR IS THEIR BABY), but putting my weird fantasies aside for the moment, it’s clear that Link is party to an epic rivalry between the solar sky goddess, an avatar of static order, and the geothermal earth god, an avatar of dynamic chaos.

Demise beats the everloving crap out of Link, but Link has enough healing potions to win the fight eventually, somehow not becoming completely distracted by the fact the Demise is totally not wearing any pants. Demise is too hot for pants. Demise is so hot he’s literally on fire, oh my!

After Demise is defeated, he does not say that he curses Link and Zelda, but rather that the three of them are cursed to constantly meet each other on the battlefield. His rage is not directed at the two of them, but rather at the gods who presumably ordained this conflict, possibly as a means of periodically cleansing the land through the fires of war.

Campy humor aside, the Zelda series can be really dark sometimes.

( Header image by R-SRaven on DeviantART )

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