Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam

Some poor UPS courier made their way through last weekend’s to deliver this game to me, so I honored their courage and sacrifice by dropping everything else to mainline it.

So far, my impression of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is that it’s a cute game that fixes all of the annoying bullshit people hated about Bowser’s Inside Story and Dream Team while introducing a few new mechanics, such as the ability to dash. In comparison to the previous games, the textures are cleaner and the color palette is brighter. The battles move faster, and the player can now skip most of the dialog.

Surprisingly, the reviews I’ve read haven’t been that positive, with people complaining that the game is too easy. There are new features that allow the player to adjust the difficulty level of battles (such as a system that specifies the target of an enemy attack in advance), but you can turn most of them off and then never worry about them again. In addition, since enemies drop more money than they did in previous games, the player can buy more recovery items, which encourages the use of special attacks. Special attacks involve quick skill-based minigames, which gives battles more variety – or not, if you don’t care and can’t be bothered.

I am of the opinion that the shaming of “casual players” (or, as I suspect is often the case, younger players) is boring and stupid and needs to stop. When I read a professional review of a game, I really don’t care about how hardcore the reviewer is.

Probably because I am not hardcore, I found that Paper Jam gets difficult about ten hours in. The player can switch the entire game to easy mode, and I may eventually do just that, but the internet tells me that amiibos will break the battle system. I’m considering buying a Peach amiibo, which actually isn’t something I’d mind looking at every time I sit down with a game.

I am not and have never been a fan of games mandating peripherals, but I also don’t want to hate something until I’ve tried it at least once.

( Header image from Nintenderos )

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