Cartridge Lit
An online magazine showcasing game-related fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Chic Pixel
A hyper-cute blog about Japanese video games from a feminist perspective.

Cool Skull Press
Indie press specializing in short fiction and poetry relating to video games.

Feminist, nonbinary, and genderqueer video game reviews, essays, and culture.

I Need Diverse Games
Discussion, analysis, and critique of identity and culture in video games.

Jots on Dots: Thoughts on Digital Games
Reviews and essays on small indie games from developer John D. Moore.

Kill Screen
An online magazine with thought-provoking articles on games and virtual reality.

Legends of Localization
A detailed look at the translation and localization of video games.

LGBTQ Game Archive
A resource for LGBTQ video game content and criticism.

Mammon Machine: ZEAL
A digital zine publishing game-related comics and game lit.

Tiny Cartridge
A frequently updated blog with the latest news about Japanese games.

Web magazine about games, comics, and culture.